Tuesday, October 27, 2009


...is the root of all evil. So, i want an iPod touch; and it's not because i don't have any sort of portable music player because i've actually got a functioning iPod and an MP3 that i just tend to use as a portable external hard drive. I want an iPod touch because Style.com has an application that you can download onto your iPhone or iPod touch and get immediate updates on fashion shows - the videos, the pictures and their reviews. It's not like i'm a serious fashion follower neither do i have any sense of style. It's not like i can't go online and watch the shows afterwards, it's just that i want it in the palm of my hands. I don't need it, i just want it. I'm not usually one to follow fashion in my personal life either because if you've seen me, you'd know that as much as i love reading magazines and watching shows, i rarely ever incorporate any of these things into my own wardrobe. I'm more of a simplistic dresser and i'm not really keen on the whole 'trendy dressing' because i just see it as a waste of my time and it does involve an infinite amount of time investment which i just can't be bothered with. So here i am trying to talk myself out of getting an iPod touch and into getting a GHD.
But then again, i rarely actually straighten my hair. Sometimes i can be really good and actually straighten my hair once a week just after washing and blowdrying it. But most of the time, i tend to actually just blow dry it and then tie it down with a scarf. After all, i always end up backcombing my hair which is pretty simple, straightforward, styleless and definitely no need for a hair straightener to pull off that look. I'm actually considering getting extensions in my hair for the summer months as my hair tends to grow heaps when i've got extensions in; so this means that i really don't need a GHD right now. I only really need it when i've firmly decided that i'm going to grow out my hair in its natural state and stop relaxing it. Then i would definitely need GHDs because i have no plans of walking around in an afro....soooo not my style. Instead i would be employing the 'Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan and Taraji Henson' option of blowdrying it and then straightening it because only a straightener as hot or hotter than GHDs can actually get a proper afro straight and smooth enough.
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  1. Search: Vidal Sasson Goddess
    It's red...it's steamy and apparently better than GHD's


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