Thursday, October 29, 2009


For some morose reason only known to the people at Sony, they've decided to discontinue the VGN-CS36GJ laptop range pictured above. I've been dying and waiting and saving up my money to buy this baby. I even put my name on the waiting list to get informed of when they restock it only to find out that it has been discontinued. You would think that they would have the decency to replace it to something that looks much more sexier and sensual. Oh no...
This is Sony's idea of a replacement!!! I don't know about you guys but this VPCCW15FG laptop is a very ugly replacement in my opinion. I don't know the fashion minds behind the colour or the shape but the colour reminds me of the ombre trend which i like to reserve for something cheap that can easily be gotten rid of after the trend has made its way to the graveyard of all things fashion. As for the shape, it does somehow remind me of the Fujitsu laptops that came out sometime ago. I must say that the screen and keyboard looks very Apple to me. Sony has already swagga-jacked Apple and the remix is oh-not-so hot at all. Looks aside, the only difference i can see between the CS36 and this one is the fact that it's got Windows 7 already installed in it. At least Sony was smart enough not to price this in the $2000 range; this would set you back about $1800. As you would imagine this laptop is already out of stock and it has only been on the Australian website for about a week and a half! Irrespective of my disappointment at Sony and the ombre-pink colour of this laptop, i'm still interested in it because i want a Pink laptop and i've already signed up to be notified of when it gets back in stock. Let's hope it's back in time for Christmas as it would be a great present to myself. So.....let the wait begin ^_^
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