Monday, July 27, 2009

Chanelling Chanel On A Budget

If you've always loved Chanel's iconic tweed bags and boucle jackets, here's your chance to own something similar on a very friendly budget. These pictures are from ASOS and they've recreated these two ensembles that are very similar to Chanel at an affordable price so now you can get the look without breaking the bank. The Boucle Double Chain handbag from ASOS is £25 while the Helen Berman Boxy Contrast Tweed Jacket is £95.


  1. Oh Mama like!
    I always thought I was born to be a chanel cutie, so whilst I definitely don't have the budget of one, I will still be looking like one in the mean time :)
    Thanks! I'm heading straight over to ASOS now!
    Av xo

  2. Hi Av, glad you like it. I plan on getting that bag as well along with some other items from ASOS in the coming weeks. Let me know if you buy anything else


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