Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just to show you how smart and cool i am, i forgot to mention yesterday that i already weighed myself for this week. You can remember that last week i posted my starting weight of 87.3kg. So after all my drama as to whether alcohol was going to influence my weightloss and all, i went on a exercise binge of 2 hours which led to me being massively exhausted for a while. I actually haven't worked out since Saturday so i'm going to try and squeeze one in today. My starting weight for this week is 87.3kg meaning i didn't gain or lose anything so i'm happy. I must admit though that i'm slowly beginning to lose all motivation to actually workout or even try any harder to lose weight. So if you have any super ideas on how i can keep the motivation going, please feel free to comment.

Don't you just love the idea of the celebrity scale? I'm going to try and find one to purchase, absolutely hilarious.

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