Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weigh-in Day!!!

First off let me start by apologising for not posting anything in a while. Somebody has run up the internet quota so now it works at the speed of a turtle and a millipede combined together. Yesterday was the 30th of June, and if you remember that was my landmark for the first stage of my weightloss goal and 'The Hall of Shame' game. I actually treated myself to a bottle of Pepsi Max yesterday; i haven't had soda in so long i was worried that my brain was going to explode from all the zing but i was alrightie. I'm also not suffering any withrawal symptoms from my usual daily dose of coffee.
Right now, i feel like the girl in the picture above. She was a size 14 contestant for one of the ANTM series. I'm sure you're wondering why i feel like her; well that's because I AM OFFICIALLY A SIZE 14!!!!! Yeeeeeeeha!!!! I wish Bruce Willis was here to congratulate me and give me a gigantic hug and say 'Yippie ya yay mo-fo'. But oh well, i'll result to watching Die Hard 3 and 4 to get the feelings. You'd remember that i weighed myself at the start almost 6 weeks ago.
Well, i weighed myself again this morning and i weigh 87.1kg. That means i've lost exactly 2.1kg which is equivalent to 4.6 pounds. It's not as much as i expected to lose but i'm happy that i lost something and that i'm actually down one dress size. I'm going to take a break for the rest of this week because i have to start packing as i need to move out on Sunday. But from Monday next week, i'm going to start weighing myself weekly and i'll put it up here for you guys.


  1. you know, that's so great when you set up a goal and follow it despite everything :) i'm happy for you :) actually, i think you have a really good will to keep on this regime, both healthy and sportive :) so, just wish you good luck:) btw, do you have weekly motivation system or so? i mean, for instance make small shopping every weekend or cook smth special (of course healthy and not heavy)?

  2. Hi Anna, thanks a lot :). I had a pair of jeans in size 14 as my motivation to try and lose weight but i didn't have anything else and that made it extremely hard not to cheat. Some days i almost went crazy just thinking of the things i wanted to But from now on i'm going to have weekly motivations to use, but i havent figured out any yet which is why i havent blogged about it. I'm planning on spending the whole of this week to plan some things for my weekly motivations and then i'll start doing weekly weigh-ins next week and also post my motivations up :).

    In general though, putting up pictures of how i used to look when i was smaller and also pictures of clothes i'd like to wear and people that are slender helped motivate me as well...


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