Friday, July 24, 2009

Plus Size Beauty

I've been feeling a bit shit lately and i've been looking for various ways to motivate and distract myself. One of the things i did was to mess up my room so i'd have an excuse to clean it up, stupid i know but it tends to work. I also called my mum so i could hear a familiar voice and get some cheering up. Living in a student residence does come with its fair share of positives and negatives. The positive being that you get to meet lots of people and make new friends. Since i've been here, there's been 3 negatives for me: noise, booze and image issues.
I think i'm slowly getting used to the noise and i'm currently shopping around for some good ear plugs that can block out the noise without irritating my ears and preventing me from hearing my alarm clock ring if i put my phone right underneath my pillow. I've noticed that majority of the students here have a problem socialising with others if alcohol is not involved. I've been invited to go out several times now and i've noticed that the conversation always ends with 'we're going to drink and get wasted'. Is that the only way people seem to want to have fun and get to know others? As i type this, i had to turn down an invitation to go pre-drinking before everyone went down to the pub. Although i'm from a religious family, i'm not strictly religious as you might have noticed from some of the things i discuss but i have a problem with people abusing liquor as a way to socialise.
I've noticed that in the 3 weeks that i've been here, i'm slowly beginning to have body complex issues eventhough i know i'm working my butt off to lose weight and stay healthy. All i need to do is to walk out of my deck/block to start having these feelings streaming through my head. Is it just me or are guys programmed to only flock to thin girls? I've been trying to avoid this thought for a while but it always comes back popping to my head. I had a chance conversation with a guy yesterday whom is probably the most shallow bloke i'm come across in a long time. He told me that the whole guy/girl hanging out thing in this residence boils down to three or four things: alcohol, skinny, loud and easy. I was completely lost for words as to what to say in reply to that. I'm going to assume that he's one of the minority that falls into this retarded category. But from looking around today in the courtyard and the dining room, what he said was somewhat true. The majority of the guys seemed to flock to the skinny girls and they all happen to be in the 'drinking buddy group' that go out every evening. There were about 5 girls in the entire possy that weren't skinny and that's because they tend to go out drinking often. In the 3 weeks that i've lived here, i've noticed that the ones that don't fall into this category are the geeks, strictly religious ones and those that are struggling with their english language skills.
So i find myself looking for ways to stop me having a complex because i've realised that most of the guys who live in this accommodation are pretty imature and still have a bit of growing up to do. Certainly not relationship material as i don't see why i want to be in a relationship with someone who finds it okay to talk about how his puke was green this morning over the dinner table. Here are two articles i came across that might help.


  1. Please be positive :)
    I love the messing your room up so you'd have to tidy it strategy! pure genius!

    Av xo

  2. Hiya Av, i'm trying to keep the spirits up :) Thanks for commenting


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