Monday, July 20, 2009

The New Idea

So, the internet has started working again at full speed after what seemed like decades. I wasn't able to do much exercise last week because i somehow managed to sprain my right shoulder and neck making any movement filled with tremendous pain. I'm sure i would have healed faster if i'd gone and gotten a massage or done some yoga or something. Instead i stuck with using a hot water bottle to cater for my neck and try to do some pilates. By try i mean doing 2 sessions of Winsor Pilates' beginner workout. Whilst doing it, i must admit that time flew by but i also realised that a good neck and back make a whole lot of difference to pilates moves.
So this week i'm going to try and take things nice and slow as i'm still healing and i'm beginning to feel the left side of my neck start to tighten. I'm going to assume that these unnecessary sprains could be related to my pillow, mattress or both. My aim for this week is to workout on 5 days but i have no plans on pre-selecting what days i'm going to workout.

My starting weight for this week is 87.3kg

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