Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Currently Going Through A Phase

I'm currently going through a phase of all things indecisive, addictive and just plain bloody annoying. I'm upset but can't show it, stressed but finding it difficult to acknowledge it. I'm just slowly losing my marbles but i cant seem to conjugate the right words and sentences to express how i feel or what is even leading me to this state of mental retardation. I'm pretty sure that some of the words that i've typed up to this point are either grammatically incorrect or non-existent but it doesn't matter because it is MY blog and i can write whatever the hell i want to. So i'm currently addicted to black tea but lets not even manage to talk about that shall we? Let's focus on the issues surrounding my hair as that's the reason i have all these pictures up in this post. I got a hair cut on friday last week but i think it would be actually easier to say that i had my hair butchered because it looks like something that someone did with their eyes closed and i'm pretty sure that i could have done a better job on my own. Anyways, the main reason for me cutting my hair in the first place was that it was breaking at a dramatic rate so i had to get rid of all the bad ends which i actually did. The annoying thing with african-american hair is that it always involves some serious investment in your time and effort for it to actually look decent. I had to get my hair braided because i couldn't bear the thought of walking around with butchered hair cut but after sitting down for 5 hours to get the braids in, i'm beginning to consider if getting braids done on my hair is actually worth the time. I've been considering for a while shaving the whole thing off like Amber Rose in the picture above and i have to say i'm not the only one feeling stressed by my hair because Solange Knowles was sported with shaved hair a couple of days ago.
The truth of the matter is that i would love to grow my hair out long so that i can style my hair like Dita's because i love love love how her hair always looks with all those curls in it. But for me to achieve a hairstyle like this without any extensions in would take me about 3 years to actually grow it out that long and i've got several options in which i can pursue it. The first option would be to shave it all off like Solange and Amber Rose and start again either by letting it grow into an afro of about 2 inches and getting braids in, just letting the fro go out and walking around with my ahir looking just like that or getting it chemically straightened as it grows out but not adding any extensions to it. The last option sounds the most enticing to me as that's a method i'm already used to as i currently get my hair chemically straightened every ten weeks. I'm not one to walk around with an afro because i feel like it draws too much attention to me and being a shy person, i don't like attracting too much attention to myself.

This is one of the rare occasions when we actually get to see Beyonce's real hair and although this picture is quite old, this is what my hair would look like if i let it grow out pretty long without getting it chemically straightened. Rumour has it that she decided to stop chemically straightening her hair so that she could have it bleached to a very light shade. She grew hers out by having braids and extensions put in for a while so that she could transition from chemically straightened hair to her natural texture.

But before i can get to Beyonce's length, i would have to go through this length above which i think looks pretty cute no? This is after the Amber Rose and Solange stage.

The beauty of having my hair without chemically straightening it is the fact that i have more styling options because i could either wear it in its natural curls like Jordin Sparks, or more curls like Dita or even have it bone straight just by running GHD's through it although that is quite a lengthy process. The main reason i'm trying to make decisions now is because summer would soon be here and it is the ideal time to transition my hair to its natural state before chopping everything off. For those who are unaware, the Australian summer starts in December eventhough it is actually quite hot a few months before that. So what do you guys think?

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