Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Bad Is Wine For Weightloss?

As i type this post, i've already had two glasses of white wine over dinner and i've just snuck out of the dining hall because everyone is trying to convince me to go partying tonight. You see, tonight is actually Gala night at the residence and everyone is dressed to impress. I even managed to hold a conversation with a geeky guy that i think is charming without losing my cool. I'm pretty good at holding my alcohol and i always know when to stop drinking hence i've never actually been tipsy as far as i'm aware; and i definately have never been drunk as it's not my style. I personally don't believe in abusing alcohol and 99.9% of the time, the only thing i drink is wine as other things just taste like acid to me.
But the issue on my mind today is how consuming alcohol affects your weightloss regime. I know that when weightloss is a long term goal and you're taking things slowly, the idea is everything in moderation. I personally rarely consume any sort of alcohol; the few occasions you'd find me drinking is if i'm really really upset about something or if it is accompanying a meal. The second point is the issue of today's discussion. Usually alcohol isn't served accompanying a meal in our residence but since tonight is a special night, we were given the option of red wine, white wine, beer and light beer. So folks, do you think my alcohol consumption is going to sabotage my weightloss programme for this week? I'm definately going to do a 2 hour workout so i can counteract the effects of the alcohol tomorrow.
On another note, the managers of the residence came to speak to me during the gala today for two special reasons. For one, i happen to be the only african amongst 200 students currently in the residence and i happen not to have an african accent so they wanted to confirm if i'm actually african or american. So i guess you could say i was a celebrity for 5 minutes huh? Cause the minute i mention where i'm from, they're all like really? You really don't sound african. Then i have to go on a lovely history of my life explaining how i have the accent i do which makes me a bonafide international student.
At the moment, there's a local jazz band playing in the dining hall so i've got my window open so i can enjoy the melodies of their instrument without being hassled by people trying to convince me to go partying tonight.

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