Monday, August 9, 2010

Aren't They Cute?

The moment i saw this picture of Sandra Bullock and Betty White dancing on stage, i just cracked up! They look like they are having sooo much fun getting their groove on to Down Low by Lil John. The two other things i absolutely love about this picture is Sandra's hairstyle with the cute lil fringe going on and her entire ensemble. It is very chic, laidback, simple and oh so great to accommodate my tummy. I really love the pants she got on and also her stilettos! The unfortunate thing for me is that i can't walk in stilettos at all, i'm more comfortable in wedge heels although i must admit that i find some wedge heels very tricky to walk in! This picture is definitely going into my inspiration folder for the haircut and the outfit; i've deleted the majority of pictures i used to have as fashion inspirations because they weren't curve friendly.
Here's a cute picture of Megan Fox and her sexy hubby Brian Austin Green! I fell in love with him after i watched him on The Sarah Connor Chronicles...i absolutely love the way he speaks and he looks really yummy when he smiles! Isn't it interesting how they've worn their outfits in different shades of blue?


  1. Sandra Bullock looks amazing here! What a sexy lady! I don't know why though, when I caught a glimpse of this photo I thought it was Courtney Cox for a second! And I agree, Brian Austin Green is delicious!

    p.s I changed the URL for my blog AGAIN, sorry to be a pain in the butt!!!
    it's now!

  2. She does look like Courtney with that hair doesn't she? If she had a black blazer on then that would have made it even And no wonder i couldn't find your blog, i thought i was doing something wrong :)

  3. love sandra bullock and betty white! they are soo cute!! also awesome song!! :)
    thanks for visisting my blog! love yours :) am following!

    love kerry


  4. Hi Kerry, thanks for stopping by :)



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