Sunday, August 8, 2010

My OPI Wishlist

So, since i am currently in the mood of loving what i have and beautifying myself to my pleasure, i decided the best place to start would be my hands and feet! I currently own 2 O.P.I nail polishes [black onyx and a oui bit of red]. I'm usually not a pink person but since my last post, i'm bent on adding some sort of pink into my life and wardrobe other than the slightly magenta pink scarf that i own. So....what better way to introduce pink into my life than a fabulous candy pink nail polish huh? Because i love the pigment of the O.P.I nail colours, it automatically became my first choice. If i still lived in England, i'd have chosen Nails Inc because that is my all time favourite brand for nail polish! Another option i had was AVON, but since i'm a consultant, i've seen most of the pinks they have and i don't like how they work with my skin colouring so i'm going to check out the O.P.I bar in David Jones next time i'm in town! I'm currently eyeing these shades: pink-a-doodle, it's a girl! and isn't that precious? from the PINK softshades 2010 collection. They are all really light pink shades that i think would work well with my skintone as they're a bit neutral with a hint of gloss to it. Tuesday is probably when i'll check them out and i'll definitely keep you guys up to date. Do you have any favourite shades from the O.P.I collection?

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  1. yes yes yes! i love OPI, my fave all time colour is an OPI one, its pink, quite vibrant, a tad darker than bubblegum pink I think not sure of name, because I cant find it at the moment as I'm living out of suitcases. I do like short black nails, and I'm currently obssessed with a mint green I brought from Rimmel :) xoxo


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