Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Bother?

Sometimes, when i look at relationships, i wonder why we even bother! I mean, life is already complicated as it is. People get together just as quickly as others break up, some people only have bad relationship experiences to talk about because nothing good has happened to them, sometimes your choices are not accepted by your parents and you have to either break up to make them happy or choose to wing it all on your own and see if it works. Once in a while, i see a really good relationship and for me this is like 5% of the time. You often hear people in relationships say 'enjoy being single because being in a relationship isn't always fun'. Sometimes i just feel like maybe there's no point being in a relationship, maybe its just better to have friends and a dog or a cat to come home to every night.


  1. A few people i know way back in the day all seem to be having marriage drama and they can't get divorced because in the typical Nigerian culture, it is a taboo to get divorced except on rare occasions when the girl's family insists! So they have to suck up and stay in the marriage. Makes me wonder why we stress out for just a bloody piece of paper...

  2. traditions aside, i don't think we can sit here and say 'i'm never going to have another relationship again' because you don't know what's around the corner. i'm a massive believer in fate, and i think that it'll happen when you least expect it my dear! And not every relationship is the same, there isn't always arguing, fighting, lying etc, some people believe it or not are actually madly in love! haha. xoxo

  3. Haha....you're so right Avs! I was just soo shocked about the amount of bad relationship news i heard within an hour's phone conversation. But i definitely won't be saying never because i know that i might have to eat my words at some point...lol. So i might as well just stick my face in a book and focus on personal development. Everything else will come if and when it is ready. xoxo


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