Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Since i wrote this post on Sandra Bullock, i've been hallucinating on how i could achieve a similar look without having to wear leather pants because i'm not much of a leather fan. Well, here comes an e-mail from Net-a-Porter to my rescue! Actually, the e-mail was about trans-seasonal dressing, which is something i've already been doing for over 2 years. But when i clicked the link, these amazing pants by Anemone (pictured above) was among one of the products featured on the page and it absolutely caught my eye! It looks beautiful doesn't it? At £195.74 i think it is a chic replacement for those leather pants she wore! Now all i have to do is save up the money to get them, i'm thinking it would be an ideal christmas present to myself non? And this bracelet looks like a very nice addition to go with the planned ensemble...
I also got an e-mail today from InStyle Australia about the new issue hitting stands soon...why can't i ever wing out my eyeliner like they've done for Angelina Jolie on the cover? And why is it so difficult for me to find a nice pale pink lipstick/gloss/sheen/whatever that works well with my skintone? I refuse to give up, i'm still going to keep searching. I did find a lip gloss by Revlon that came close, i think it's called nude rose, but i'm not 100% satisfied with that. Couldn't check out the O.P.I nail bar yesterday cause it was pouring rain. Hopefully i'll have much better luck today


  1. W O W

    these jeans are absolutely gorgeous! and look well worth that heavy price tag! im pretty sure you deserve them so get saving missy! and that bracelet is fierce, i'm tempted to try and make one similar....


  2. i'm super duper excited. If you make one you have to let me know how it goes ;P

    xoxoxoxo :)

  3. Try aligning it with ur lower lash line? ^_^

  4. Really? Thanks for the tip babe. Prolly going to Shu Uemura next saturday to get my brows done so i might pick up a gel eyeliner from them and try your tip ;)


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