Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ever Since...

...i moved to Australia and experienced what the shopping is like, especially coming from England, i have come to rely a lot on online shopping. Sometimes i find things that are really pretty but they always seem to be overpriced for the quality in which i'll be getting. There's also the danger that a lot of people would have that exact item where you live (i'm thinking Forever New). So these days, when i'm looking for something nice and affordable, i tend to go straight online and start searching for stores that deliver to Australia without looking to see if there's something closer to home.

Well, my friend and I have been looking for dressy tops that can be worn both during the day and also for special occasions at night that wouldn't be a uniform where we live. We've searched online stores like ASOS and Miss Selfridge. But today, i decided to check French Connection Australia and was a bit shocked to find that they do have a few decent items eventhough i'm irate at the fact that their sizes stop at 14. Here's a few things that caught my attention...

Flight of fancy shirt
Cole cotton wrap shirt
Delicious drape cowl


  1. Ooh, is shopping not so good there? I didn't know that.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and following!

  2. Hi Struggler

    Yea, its not great when compared to England. But it is looking up as i hear Mulberry, Prada and Zara are coming in October/ November

    Thanks for stopping by as well :) xox


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