Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Do You Think?

I usually don't follow the stories on the Kardashian family or watch any of their reality shows. But from a pictorial point of view, i tend to see some of their pictures on some websites and i've noticed that since Kourtney (2nd left) gave birth, she seems to have toned down her look a little bit. Or is it just me? I really like the dress she's wearing and she's easily my favourite, ensemble wise, in this photo...

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  1. I think that Kim Kardashian took two steps back in this photo. Recently she had been wearing more elegant gowns & dresses, but here it literally reminds me of her Herve Leger days. She is a beautiful girl don't get me wrong, but this dress just isnt doing it for me. I agree with you, Kourtney looks the best here. xoxo


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