Monday, August 16, 2010


I cannot for the life of me explain why i am so attracted to pigmented colours. And by pigmented, i'm talking rich browns like Jessica Szohr's brunette shade, deep black colours like the one Dita Von Teese sports and reds like Christina Hendricks. There;s just something about the intensity of these shades that draws me in. Or maybe its the fact that on the right skin tone, they just make you look so much alive! I'm a bit of a hair colour addict, but i always tend to stick with the same colour pallette if its a DIY hair colour because there's less chance of me looking like a complete loonie.


  1. Oh Jessica Szohr is so beautiful && she has INCREDIBLE style. She's looking exceptional here! If I wore this dress the colour wouldn't work with my skin tone. Bet it would look lush with yours?xoxo avs

  2. Aww...thanks gurl. I never even contemplated the colour on my skin but now you've said it, i feel the need to keep my eyes peeled incase something similar pops up here :) And i'm mega jealous of her style

    xoxo Hermine


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