Friday, August 6, 2010

Is It Bad That...

...i'm very jealous? Of Reese Witherspoon? This woman always manages to look cute, cool and chic all at the same time without making too much effort. Ok, so maybe she put a lot of effort into it that we might not be aware of but when you see her stalkerazzi pictures she always looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw it on. She makes girlie look more grown up and mature than childish. I generally run away from florals and pink related clothes because i always feel like it makes me look girlie and childish; two things i do not necessarily want to be viewed as. Ok, so i'm a girl but what happened to using other phrases to describe females that have grown past their teen years eh? I'm no Paris Hilton so i certainly don't want people mistaking me for a cutesy kind of girl day in day out. I have no problem with being told i'm dressed cute if its once in a while, but when it becomes an everyday issue then i have problems with it. BUT, if i'm referred to as cute and chic on a daily basis, then i'd be very happy. Cute without the chic on a daily basis would hurt my emotions, chic without the cute is something i don't mind at all :)

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