Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Search Of Something Vague

The weekend's coming to an end and it's fair to say that it has been a pretty eventful 7 days. I've talked about procrastination and procrastinated in the process of actually writing the post and i can't wait to see how my habits are going to change for the coming week. For some weird reason, i'm actually looking forward to it. There's a possibility of me having 2 tests and i'm actually contemplating going to the 'contemporary' dance class after attending bellydance last week. By the way, i never knew bellydance was such hardwork until i was dripping with sweat....but enough of that.

I've made a few changes to the pictures in the blog which took me hours [i'm not really graphics savvy] but i think i've done a decent job. There hasn't really been much of a pattern to what i've been blogging on recently but if my thoughts carry on in the manner that they have for the past 24 hours, i think a pattern might emerge by the end of the week but don't hold your breath on that.

About the pictures i've put up, well...i guess they're meant to represent the state of my thoughts at the moment especially the one at the bottom of the page with the couple in a bathtub. I can promise that i'll never take a bathtub again for granted. On a normal day, it just seems like another piece of bathroom accessory but looking at it from different angles, it is actually a lot more than that. As i cannot guarantee the age of those reading this, i won't go into further details but i'm sure you understand where my thoughts are drifting to other than the idea of it being a basic necessity.

That thought continues with the photo headlining this post. I caught the train back to the Gong and it was interesting watching couples on the train. They all varied in age from 16 year old lovers to aged couples with walking sticks and twinkles in their eyes. It made me wonder how people get attracted to each other, court and keep the relationship going. You hear of people getting together just as often as you hear of people breaking up but no one talks about what goes on in-between.
For someone like me, i have to say that i fall into the category of girls with no idea of how to handle the opposite sex. I know that i can be difficult, stubborn and strong headed but for me it's not usually about playing hard to get, it's about not settling for someone that doesn't catch my eye. This usually means that if a guy is interested and i happen not to be, i never really give them a chance to show me who they really are. One of the reasons is that if i happen to give them that chance, it sort of turns into emotional blackmail. You know....'you feel bad that they're really nice and sweet so you give them a chance anyway eventhough you already know its not going to work'.
Looking at relationships and interactions from another angle, we live in a time where males and females are treated and assumed to be equals. Does this mean that girls should be just as forward as the guys are when interested in someone? Would you ask a guy you fancied on a date? Or would you wait, hope and pray that he realises you fancy him and ask you out? What exactly is the new rule of the 21st century? Is it just a game of chance and luck? Because if it is, then i have lost in every possible aspect of it.
All the guys i've ever been interested in have never really felt the same towards me nor given it a try by going on a date; all the guys who've been interested in me, i've never felt the same towards. Although i do admit that i've given some a chance to woo me by being their friends but it just confirmed how uninterested i was. In retrospect, all this means that i've never been on a date and if this continues then i might just be on my way to permanent singledom. Seeing those words on my screen right now just sends shivers down my spine!
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