Monday, March 2, 2009

New Month, New Uni!

First days tend to be very daunting. Your first day at work, first day at a new school or even your first day being on a date or in a relationship. Ok, i admit i wouldn't know what it feels like to have gone on a date or been in a relationship as i haven't experienced wither of them.
But today was my first day being an official student of the University of Wollongong. I had my first lecture today and i have to say it was a pretty daunting experience for me. I went to lectures today hoping to make a few friends and i'm sure there were other people there who felt the same way i did. being that i live off-campus, my chances of making new friends pretty much revolve around being in class. Most of the people at lectures today stuck to their own little groups and you could tell that they were a bit protective of outsiders joining their new formed gang. It just reminded me of secondary school; you know how you cant be part of a gang except you all 'click'.
Well, there's the cool gang, the 'pretty people' gang, the 'fat people' gang, the 'skinny people' gang, the geek gang....the list goes on and on. There's even the 'halls of residence' gang and it tends to be difficult to break into any of these gangs especially if you happen to be a shy person like me. I tend to get a little frightened when it comes to making new friends especially amongst crowds. In my head, i already have the game plan down to the T but in reality i just freeze up and imagine them absolutely ignoring me and just saying the 'snooty hi!'.

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