Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Wardrobe

If you've been reading my blog then you'll know that i've decided to give my wardrobe a new start. It is always advisable that when building a new wardrobe, you should try and do it slowly as opposed to delegating just a few days to it. You need to start with the basic wardrobe essentials before moving to other items that wouldn't be worn as often. this is one of the reasons why i've put myself on a clothes shopping ban till May because that way i can decide on what things i want to get and also how i'm going to approach it. I'm a big believer in quality over quantity and in situations where i can afford a better quality, i tend to do just that.

But having said that...items like t-shirts, leggings and tank tops are things that i'm always ready to pay a cheap price for, except it's a vintage rock t-shirt but lets not even go down that road. I've decided to start a brand new wish list for all the items i'm interested in purchasing. Last night, i reluctantly ripped my wish list in pieces and started a new one. I'm taking inspirations from Thandie Newton and the Olsen twins. They always seem to have a way of personalising their outfits without looking like they've tried too hard or spent ages delibrating what accessory would best fit the ensemble. I've also continued reading 'Two Lipsticks And A Lover' and i was up till about 2am last night reading it. You'd have thought that as a university student i'd deligate my time more wisely. But from the few pages i read last night, i realised that it isn't really about what you're wearing or how much you spent on it but how you wear it....how you put it together and how you accessorise it. It could be just with a lipstick or even with killer heels.

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