Tuesday, March 10, 2009

French Chic: Skincare

So this is the beginning of my french series for this week. I just started reading the book 'Two Lipsticks and a Lover' and i have to say it is quite interesting and engaging and i absolutely love how it is written. but the most important thing is that it is about french women and their way of life. You can purchase it either from the UK, US or even here in Australia. I would like to point out that the US version is actually called 'All You Need To Be Impossibly French'.

The very first thing i picked up is that you have to take care of your skin religiously. I first realised this after a french girl i met years ago, Charlotte, raved about her skincare regime and investing time daily to take care of her skin. Before meeting her, all i knew was washing your face with soap and slapping some body lotion on to stop your skin looking dry. But i have to say that after i met her, things changed for me in regards to my skincare. I'm still not as diligent as her - i still fall asleep sometimes in my makeup - but i can definately say that i have come a long way since my pre-Charlotte days.

So i was very excited when i read in the book that you have to relgiously take care of your skin. The main things that are noted in the book are these:

You need to have a daytime moisturiser with SPF and a separate night time
moisturiser. A makeup remover, face wash, toner and eye cream

I have to say i'm not really an eye cream person eventhough i've got my fair share of dark circles so that's definately something that i plan on investing on in the future. From now on, i'm also going to try and cleanse and moisturise my skin day and night. At the moment, i tend to just do it once a day when i have a shower in the morning but it'll be interesting to see how this would have an effect on my skin. It is usually advised that you should wait 28 days before expecting to see a noticable change in how your skin looks and feels so the countdown for this starts tomorrow.

Later this week or next week, i'll be blogging about the skincare products i use for those who might be interested. I'll also comment on the change (if any) in my skin after 28 days.

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