Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Makeup Whores And Listeners

For all those makeup whores out there who havent heard the shinding yet...the collaboration between MAC and Hello Kitty has finally reached the shores. But if you happened to have ventured online to the MAC store, you'll realise that most of the products are actually sold out!!! Seriously, for a makeup whore like me this news is really heart breaking. But wipe your tears and make your way straight to e-bay as there are people selling off their MAC stash of Hello Kitty for a ridiculous devilish price. Talk about ripping people off during this recession. Anyways, i got the travel brush set and the makeup holder for a cool US$64...i have to say that's a pretty decent price especially since here in Oz it costs about $125! So, if you're patient enough and look hard on e-bay, i'm sure you can find yourself a nice bargain.

Now i have to wait patiently for my MAC purchase to arrive from the states. For those of you who are interested the three brushes in the set are the skunk brush, contour brush and shader brush. I think they're travel size brushes because from the pictures i've seen online, they seem to fit pretty well in the makeup holder.
Onto other issues...i had tutorials today for MGMT 102 'Communication in Business' and we had an active listening session and it showed how information can be distorted when passed on from one person to another. Things get exaggerated and important information tend to be lost when the details are passed on from one party to another. It's interesting the amount of non-academic things you can learn in a management class. Tutorials are finally becoming more interesting and now i'm hoping that i'll have a law module to take another semester..this is certainly a good arguing point.
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