Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrity Looks For Less: Anna And Kelly

I hate how blogger automatically assumes what order i want my pictures to be put in. Anyways, when i saw this photo of Anna Kournikova, my jaw hit the ground. Seriously, it's a very simple outfit but she's jazzed it up with the red clutch. I strongly suggest no cleavage with this look because you already have enough legs showing as it is. You can purchase a skirt like hers from Supre for less than $60. For the white shirt, a plain men's shirt can just be as sexy as a silk one. We'll stick to a plain white shirt as we're trying to be as economically savvy as possible. Cotton On does nice male shits and you can easily take them in to suit your figure or even leave them as they are. If you'd like to spend a bit more on the shirt then definately head down to Portmans as i've loved all the white shirts i've come across there.

Two main colours this season are black and purple. So i'd opt for a pinky-purple clutch instead of a pink/red one. You can down to your local Sportsgirl and get a pinky-purple clutch for $40. Her heels with the zips are also bang on trend for this season and they remind me of some short Balmain dresses that were on the runway. But the best part about these heels is that they can easily sex up a plain tee and jeans without trying too hard. I have no idea where you can get an exact replica of these heels but these ones from Zu can definately be a substitute for $150.

All you then need is to put your best face forward with a clean face and some makeup if you please and you're good to go. But no matter what happens, don't leave the house without some lipbalm/lipgloss on as you never know who's going to give you a PASH!

Now Kelly Rowland's new look here is certainly a great wardrobe builder. I can assure you that the last time i was in Cotton On i saw exactly those pants for $50!!! Can you imagine that?! You can also get a plain white tee from Cotton On or Supre. There's definately no need to break the bank for this ensemble. If green pants aren't your look, you could substitute for some black skinny jeans from Just Jeans. The jewellery is easily accessible courtesy of Diva Accessories. I would personally wear black skinnies with this ensemble and one of these three heels i'm lusting after from Peep Toe Shoes: Miss New York City, Miss New York City Tan or Miss Rock Chic.

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