Monday, March 9, 2009

Misunderstood: More Complicated With Age

Today, i've felt as many emotions as i could possibly feel and i've also been bombarded with various versions of men/guys just from one person. It has just been proven to me that relationships get complicated with age. As the old saying goes 'experience is the best teacher'.

Let me start by saying that i'm not old. I'm just in my early twenties but i've actually never been in a real relationship. I've only been asked out by three guys in my entire life and it never amounted to anything special. I haven't even been on an actual date, neither am i good at having conversations that lead to sparks with the opposite sex. At the rate i'm going in life, i'll either end up joining a convent or end up never being in a relationship.

I'm sure you're wondering why i'm talking about all this. Well, guy number 3 asked me out about 2 weeks ago after saying to me that he LOVED me after our second encounter. Being that i wasn't attracted to him in the slightest sense of the word, i chose not to go on a 'beach walk' with him and told him i wasn't really interested in a relationship with him. My motto is to always be as honest as possible when it comes to guys and relationships and that's exactly what i did with him. Fastforward to today, and i've been made out to be the worst bitch on the planet! Now, i'm usually not one to get hurt easily but this certainly hurt my feelings as i went out of my way to be nice when saying 'NO' everyday he insisted i be his girlfriend or come over to his house to pay him a visit.

Since when did honesty and sincerity become a crime in the world? I've pretty much being accused of being a bitch, snub, racist to my own kind and every other thing imaginable just because i said i'm not attracted to him so not interested in a relationship. I have never felt so confused and emotionally abused in my entire 20-something years on earth. Maybe the aliens should just invade out planet then life might be a bit easier as we already know they are aliens.

How would you feel if a guy told you to name the price in which it would cost for you to agree to come over to his place and get a little bit busy when you're both not in a relationship and when you aren't a prostitute? I would really like some comments and answers on this one so feel free to share your opinions on the situation with me. Now i feel like as much as i might like someone or be honest about how i feel, i'll always get misunderstood and insulted for it. As they say, LIFE IS A BIATCH!!!

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