Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reunions And Birthdays

Let me start by saying this: i admit that sometimes i can be an unnecessary drama queen. This unnecessary drama just seems to pop up whenever it feels like it. At the moment, i'll be off to see a friend during the weekend. I haven't seen her in 5 years so ideally i should be excited that i'm going to see her and also accompany her to her friend's birthday party. But instead, i'm busy worrying about how she's going to react when she sees me. The last time we saw each other, i was a size 8 bordering on a 10. But after falling ill, i've shot up to a size 16 and this is something that i've been having difficulties accepting as whenever i think of it or come across a mirror, i feel down about the whole thing.

Now, i'm not only worrying about her reaction: silent or vocal; i'm also worrying about what to wear to her friend's birthday. I hardly ever go out these days because i hate the idea of having to put on an ensemble to go somewhere except from lectures or food shopping. The only kind of shopping that excites me these days are the ones involving makeup. Apart from that, i've lost interest in one of the things that used to make me happy in the past. But now, i'm confronted with my biggest fear; looking for an ensemble to wear to a party with a large crowd and also seeing my friend.

I've been thinking for about 2 weeks now what sort of outfit would most flatter my body whilst dealing with my pot belly and chunky arms. For me, a mini skirt is a no-go zone because i feel like i've got drumstick thighs and legs. I've thought of wearing a LBD...infact i happen to own one and i loved the silhouette it gave me but felt really conscious about my arms being exposed as i've got visible stretch marks on them. The same goes for my back as well so there's no backless top or dress coming into the picture. I've been looking at pictures of celebrities wearing ensembles i like but i'm finding it difficult to decide what to wear. I need to go do some last minute shopping on thursday afternoon so i guess i have to decide by tomorrow evening so i know what shops to check out. Basically, i'm looking for something that's classy but still sexy enough to wear to a club. Here are some pictures i've been looking at... I love what Nicole Ritchie is wearing here because its basically leggings with a long vest and a blazer over it. If i can find a vest with sleeves and a low neck, this would be perfect for me as it would disguise my main problem areas whilst looking sexy.

Jessica Szohr's ensemble here is perfect for me because it is casual, laid back and also something that i can wear on a daily basis by just buttoning the shirt a bit more. My only concern here is that it won't be hiding my tummy and that i don't have the quirky vibe to pull it off.

This is yet another PERFECT choice for me. Alicia Keys' outfit pretty much ticks all the boxes for me as it covers the arms and skims over the tummy whilst showing some cleavage. The only problem now would be finding a top that can make it work just like this. I happen to be one of those people who absolutely love anything Whitney Port wears. Just looking at this ensemble, it feels like she didn't even make an effort and she's sexy without trying. So how would my legs look in that skirt? Maybe a slightly longer version?
Hilary Duff's outfit is a bit similar to Whitney's but i guess it solves the issue of worrying about my thighs as i could just wear tights to cover them up. But anyone who's ever read Fashion Critic's blog would know that it is very easy to go wrong with tights.

Ok, i have to admit that i don't think i can pull off Victoria Beckham's ensemble here. She looks so chic and it just reminds me of thos wet-look-leather style leggings that are currently been sold in shops at Sportsgirl. Maybe i should drop in and try it on?

Please feel free to comment on what i should wear as your ideas are most welcome. Just incase you're imagining what i look like...think of a 5"6 version of Jennifer Hudson and slightly smaller boobs and you've hit the jackpot!

These are the sites i got the pictures from: Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture.

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