Monday, March 16, 2009

Procrastination And Bad Time Management

I have to admit that i'm a victim of both issues. Not only do i procrastinate on a normal day, i also procrastinate on my to-do lists. Talk about a double whammy. It's sort of mysterious how it always gets to me. I start my week planning to be very good...'go to bed at 11pm so i can get 7.30 hours of sleep, attend all my lectures, do all my tutorials during the weekend so i have the whole week to study'. Guess what? It never seems to happen that way!!! I always manage to go to bed really late at about 2am in the morning and seem to wake up just a few minutes before i need to get ready to catch the bus to uni.

I'm always the one running to the bus stop with my mascara, textbooks and cardigan in hand while my shoulder bag is half open and almost spilling its contents out. So how does this manage to actually happen? I know my timetable for every week and all the details have been included in bold colours so i can see them from afar and also identify what colour means what. I also know how much work i need to put into my studying and also my personal grooming. But it never does seem to work. I've even perfected the art of making lists with high priority issues and others that are not so important. I always manage to get distracted, sleep late and wake up late, i even end up missing tutes sometimes because i havent had enough time to do the allocated assignment.

One of my favourite sayings used to be 'i wish there were 28 hours in a day!.' But now, i'm beginning to think that even if our days were actually longer than 24 hours, i'll still not be able to manage my time properly. And its like the older i get, the worse it is. So what IS the problem? And how can it be managed?

Since it's the beginning of a new week, i figured i'd leave you all with this thought and see how your week goes. I already procrastinated with my series of French Chic [well, since i didn't do much studying last week i obviously didn't get round to completing the book either]. For those who are good at time management, please feel free to comment on this hopefully including your tips on the issue. You could also send me an e-mail if you choose to!

Have a good week everyone :)

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