Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rantings Over Concession Cards

So here i am, sat at the Student Administration office hoping that i can get a concession sticker on my student ID only to be told a big fat NO! It is sooooo freaking unfair that national students and those international students being assisted by the government can get a concession sticker but international students who actually pay the full fees can't.

The person who created this rule must have been asleep at the time because it is just plain retarded! I mean, i pay more fees than the average national university student so i believe that i should be entitled to the same rights that they're entitled to. All i can think of right now is screaming RETARDS at the top of my voice to those people who made the rule. Talk about freaking injustice! So now, for every single trip i take, i have to pay $3.20 to go to uni. And then i have to pay the same back.

Some people might think this is nothing. But as a student, on a student budget, who's got classes pretty much every day of the week, it certainly does add up. I mean, you're looking at an average of $32 per week just spent on bus fares alone. I guarantee you if i saved that amount of money weekly, i could buy myself something decent or even purchase some shares for my future. That is, whilst ignoring the current state of the economy. As a matter of fact, i don't even want to go into that conversation at all because at the moment i'm effing pissed off!!!

Anyways, i'm off to go sulk about the situation and spend money buying more TEXTBOOKS before i head off to lectures. Hopefully i'll be calmer towards the evening and we can talk about something more heartwarming.

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