Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brain Power

I finished my last class for today at 7.30pm and i have to say the minute i stepped out, it felt like i was in a daze or haze or whichever word you feel best describes it. You see, i spent the majority of today reading four different textbooks because my assessments' due date are slowly creeping up on me and i promised myself that for this semester i wouldn't procrastinate on any of my assignments. So i've been keeping myself up to date by studying all the relevant chapters for each subject each week whilst doing a research for one of my subjects that doesn't have a specific designated text. I feel like i've just had brain overloaad and it has led to me feeling very airy. I still feel that way now eventhough the only thing i've eaten today are four slices of toast. I conveniently missed dinner today because by the time my last class was over, so was dinner so there was no chance of me getting here in time to grab a bite even if i could beat the world record set by any sprinter alive.

Right now i only have three things on my mind: coffee, sleep and economics. You would think that after my stint of studying today and hunger i would be considering food and a warm bath. For one it is definite the warm bath wouldn't be taking place because there's no bath in my accommodation...HA! I have to find a way to give myself a bit of a pep-talk today to convince myself to workout because i'm sooo tired that i can't even think straight. I almost feel like i'm rambling on this post but considering the fact that i'm hungry and that my brain is on snooze alert right now, there's no one to blame but uni. Funny cause the same process is going to occur tomorrow again with the difference being that i finish at 6.30pm.
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