Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoe Envy

Doesn't Thandie Newton have gorgeous legs? Not only are her legs gorgeous, they are also being romanced by a pair of Matthew Williamson heels i'm totally wanting! I would love to own it, or even something that looks like it for a more affordable price. I also think it's time i book myself in for a pedicure because just looking at her feet reminds me of how crusty mine are.


  1. i also get crazy of these sandals! so sexy! if i find something similar for less money - i'll drop it on your mail ;)

  2. Thanks :) Looking forward to it

  3. Wow these look gorgeous! You would have to wear a really simplistic outift on the top wouldn't you as you would want all the attention to be on those babies! x

  4. In my case i'd definately have to wear something simple on top as i'm quite curvy. But Thandie actually wore a very colourful dress from Matthew Williamson's collection. xo


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