Monday, August 10, 2009

In Need Of A New Fire & Motivation

If you haven't heard by now, then please allow me to enlighten you; i GET BORED VERY easily. I have a very short attention span and even a fly buzzing by is all it takes to distract me. That's the reason i love things that are creative like fashion, building houses and random stuff like those. Anyway, on the first week of August, i talked about getting up and working my butt off so i can lose a few kilos......well, i've only managed to work out twice and it took a lot of energy for me to get there. For this week, i set myself a goal of working out 5 times and today i've only managed to do 5 minutes of exercise. Just trying to workout felt physically and mentally challenging, it was almost as if someone had tied a chain around my entire body and i couldn't be bothered to move.
The fact that we're in a recession and that my shopping list is 3 pages long isn't helping matters either. I need some sort of motivation to get me working out again and the idea of me looking forward to clothes shopping isn't as motivating as it used to be. I need some sort of magic, a spark, a renewment of my mojo for me to get into the groove again. Even painting my nails last night felt like a chore that i ended up doing it just 30 minutes before going to bed. I know that if i see a quick result like losing a kilo this week i'll be more fired up to actually do more because lets face it, i ain't gonna starve myself by going on a fast to achieve that result because it's already week 3 of uni and just the thought of going on a fast is already killing my brain cells.
Have you ever been in a situation where you've fought temptation so hard that it ended up taking more of your sanity than required to win the battle? That's exactly what's been happening to me since 3.30pm today. See, i had International Trade Theory and Accounting back-to-back. For me, Economics is the equivalent of a toxic liver while Accounting is like mental fatigue. Before going for my tutorial, i told JieJie that i wanted McVitie's milk chocolate digestive biscuit real bad and by the time i'd finished my economics test, not only could i envision it in my eyes like i was staring right at it, i could also taste it in my mouth and smell the chocolate coating all over the biscuit. Fighting my urge to go to Woolworths to purchase it followed me all the way to the dining hall at 5.30pm where i had dinner, drank 200ml of skimmed soy milk and an extra 250ml of water so that i'll be too full to consider eating anything else. Guess what? It didn't work because as i type this, i can imagine all the crumbs in my mouth and i've salivating like a hungry dog all in the name of craving biscuit.

So, here i am looking, begging, searching and whatever other word comes to mind for some inspiration and motivation.

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