Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Simple Life

I'm a fan of all things simple as it just reduces the amount of stress that is already involved in my day and my brain. That's the reason why i love this ensemble Blake Lively's rocking. The pallette is just as simple as it is chic: black and white. It's very parisian and reminds me of Chanel and she's got legs for days so why not show them off :). The Australian summer is fast approaching so it's time for me to start increasing the amount of squats and lunges i do daily as i plan on wearing skirts this summer. I'm not going to do what i did last summer; i wore strictly leggings and jeans as i was too embarrassed to show off my legs. Needless to say, it was 40 degrees on some days in Queensland and we had a daily dose of humidity so the ickiness of sweating in jeans or leggings wasn't sexy at all.

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