Monday, August 24, 2009

Two For One

Here's Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in London after having dinner together. When i saw the pictures of both of them, one person came to mind - DITA VON TEESE!!!
It'a almost as if she's been split into two different people. Taylor's matchy matchy ensemble is very reminiscent of Dita and Katy's hair and skin tone also remind me of Dita. I'm loving Katy's dress and hopefully i'll find something that looks like it or maybe ASOS might work their magic and make one so i can buy it. I also love Taylor's dress; i especially love the green bits that seem to be hidden under some net/lace material and you can see that she interpreted the colour in the thin headband she's got on. I'm not too sure about her choice of bag though. But it doesn't really matter because it ain't a fashion show!


  1. Wow these two are gorgeous!
    I love the innocence of Taylor Swift and the sexiness of Katy Perry. I would neverrrrr expected them two to be dining together! Thats so crazy!

    AV x

  2. I know! i was shocked as well but apparently they both played at the V-festival! xo


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