Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Is One Brave Chick!

Here's a picture of Beyonce Knowles and her sister Solange promoting the Samantha Thavasa & Disney Handbags in Japan. Those bags are sooooo ugly i wouldn't even carry one if it is was given to me for free and let's face it, neither of these girls would carry their pets in it either let alone walk on the street with it. Anyways, i'm actually loving Solange with this short hair and i just wish i was brave enough to do the same. It would save me so much time, energy and money. But one thing i've noticed is that the minute chicks shave their hair off, the drag queen makeup takes over. You only need to look at Amber Rose and Rihanna to understand where i'm coming from; but having said that i think she actually looks hot! Shame about their outfits though and it seems like Solange colour coded her lipstick with her skirt and the wall behind her actually goes with the entire ensemble.

For those who haven't noticed, i have a poll going on in the right hand corner about what i should do with my hair. You can also read my previous rant about my hair here.
Source: Justjared.com

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