Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Right Or Horribly Wrong?

When i saw this Warehouse dress on ASOS, i couldn't decide what to make of it. It's a combination of different trends all in one mini dress. You've got the sheer appeal going on, the zipper trend and even the silk look all combined into one dress. Let's not forget that there's also a bit of jersey material look in front and at the back. What makes it a bad look for me is how the zip ends just on the boob area and the fact that the matte section of the dress is actually translucent. When i think of the people who might slip this dress on, i'm thinking Heidi Montag, Jordan or Cheryl Cole. The first two would certainly turn the dress into a trashy look while Cheryl might just manage to balance it on ok depending on how she decides to accessorise it. You can buy this dress here for £50.

What do you think of the dress? HOT or NOT?

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