Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cold, Blocked And Painful

As i type up this post, i'm getting ready to go back to bed because i've been sneezing like a cow all morning. My lecturer was kind enough to give me permission to miss my tutorials today after i sneezed like 3 times in front of him and he noticed that my nose was bleeding as well. Not only am I sneezing, one of my nostrils is blocked and the other one bleeds whenever i sneeze. To make matters worse, i've got itchy throat and cramps because it's the time of the month. So this isn't even a double whammy, it's a triple whammy because i have a headache as well. I'm meant to be going sightseeing in Canberra on saturday so i hope i feel much better by then. I'm definately going to overdose on green tea and ginger tea to help speed up the process. Did i mention that the doctor is ill as well?


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