Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wanna Be My Personal Coffee?

There's something incredibly sexy about Gabriel Aubry that makes me want to mount him and practise biology! I think it's a combination of his eyes, his broody looks and his ability to look good with short hair, long hair and even a clean-shaved face! Now that has to be impressive. I wonder if he'd like to adopt me :). After watching Coco Avant Chanel - which was good by the way - with JieJie, we headed back to uni to work separately on our assignments. But on the way to our coffee hotspot 'Rush', a very cute guy walked past with a smile on his face whilst looking at me. So there i was stupidly asking JieJie if she knew the guy cause he seemed to be smiling at us. She then pointed out that he might have thought i was waving to him because i was trying to move someone's cancer stick smoke from my face with my hands. I blew a perfect opportunity to put on my bedroom eyes....lol.
Anyways, he's got me all hot and bothered and contemplating going to uni on Tuesdays in the hope of seeing him again eventhough i don't have any classes on Tuesdays. I spent the better part of the next 30 minutes contemplating on whether i want cookies and coffee whilst wishing Mr Cutie would walk past again. If i ever see him again, i'm definately going to stop him and say hi, ask for his name and have a bit of a chitchat. Considering the fact that i'm unaware of how to flirt, this would just have to do. I told JieJie that if i'd seen him again, there'd be no more need for coffee as i'd be too hot and very alert. He could be my own personal coffee and the best part is that it's not going to cost me anything financially! He'd be like my own personal brand of heroin!
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  1. "hey, wanna be the coffee to my morning?"...
    I'd like to be cited for the reminder of "MALEHeroin" addiction (aka Mr.QT no.3 of JieJie's top finds in Uni) hahahah

  2. Hahahahahaha...you crazy woman!!! We're gonna get gangster on it and hunt him down next week at uni. Better come on Tuesday cause i might be going as well...lol, xo

  3. Where are you?!
    Why aren't you posting??????

    Maybe you've found him and are spending every breathing moment with him.....

    write soon! x

  4. Hahahahahaha....i laughed my ass off after reading your comment. You're hilarious; i haven't had anything sensible to post yet as everything running through my head is kinda mental! But i'll post one specially for you..lol, x


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