Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time For A Fresh Start Because... in Australia, the 1st of September is officially the beginning of Spring. Yes people, the fake winter season is over and i have to say i'm somewhat sad to see it go because the temperature would soon be flying off the roof considering the fact that the Australian spring is capable of being much warmer than the average british summer; but i'm looking back on the month of August and reviewing how some of the changes i made went. I have to admit that i think i took on a bit more than i could possibly chew so some things got dropped by the wayside and i'm hoping to pick them up again for September but with much more realistic goals.
So, as i type this, i'm still 87.3kg and if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll realise that me shifting weight is like one person trying to lift 10kg worth of weights during their first session at the gym. I actually thought i'd gained weight but my flatmate told me to stop weighing myself the minute i'm done drinking tea because it does add to the number on the scale...and i thought i was mega Anyway my aim for August was to lose 4.3kg and not procrastinate on any of my uni assignments, so it's fair to say i scored 1 out of 2 because i'm pretty much on top of all my assessments. I've even managed to keep up with my weekly readings on 3 out of the 4 subjects i'm taking at uni which has never really happened during my previous semesters.
So all my marathon studying meant i couldn't pull in 6 hours of workout on a weekly basis because on some days, i couldn't even spell simple words without making a mistake. That's how mentally drained i was. But i'm really glad that there wasn't any procrastination with my assignments like i tend to do. I made weekly timetables of the things i had to study for and the research i had to take in order to get to that point. Of course, it meant missing some lectures which i've pretty much made up for in my readings so far. But for this month, i'm not even going to put myself through the mental torture of actually setting a goal weight because i end up beating myself up whenever i don't reach it. Instead, i'm aiming to workout for at least 30 minutes for 6 days on a weekly basis. This is much more realistic for me because i can easily squeeze in a 30 minute workout before going to bed....i hope :).
I'm also going to try and be more positive as opposed to being very negative, smile as much as i can and say hi to strangers. I've actually been considering getting a tattoo of a smiley face on my wrist like Lily Allen and the phrase 'Love Life, Live Life, Enjoy Life'. I already know the reaction i'm going to get from my mum: after she's made it very clear that tattooing yourself with permanent ink is a sin in Christainity, she'll remind me of the fact that i'm still unmarried and that nigerian families in the region i'm from do not accept daughter-in-laws with tattoos because it shows you're a 'loose girl' and that your parents didn't bring you up well. This would mean that i'd have to wait for my dream to come true: getting married to a caucasian! As for my dad, i certainly would not be surprised if he decides to disown me!!! Such is the seriousness and importance of culture and religion in my family. It is also the same reason why i chose to study in Australis which is on the other side of the globe....ha!!! Image via
I leave you with a quote i read/heard somewhere...
Every new day is an opportunity to take the steps toward the
life you want to live and the person you truly want to be. Each day provides you
with another chance to create your own reality and live your dream.


  1. Wowzers, you clearly have A LOT running around your head. I'm not going to pretend to understand what your life is like, but my best friend is Nigerian so I'm getting a lot of what your saying about religions immense presence on your family!

    DUDE you live in Australia! How cool is that?! I live in poopy England! Seize the day girlfriend, you have a lot to live for, you're young and your alive!


  2. HAHA!!! I kinda miss England actually.

    I'm trying to actually live and enjoy my life and figure out exactly the things i want and myself but everytime i try, i somehow manage to get pulled back by my upbringing.

    It's almost like a thick concrete wall blocking me from the other side. I guess 15 years of the same pattern does that to you. Any tips?

    Hermine, x

  3. You live your life for you sweetie, no one else, yes your parents may not approve of the things you do, but they will always love you.

    You just have to figure out what you want from life, for your parents to be happy or for yourself to be happy. And if you chose yourself it doesn't make you a selfish person it makes you human. Who wants to lead an unhappy life?


  4. Thanks darl,i'm defo keeping this in mind.

    Hermine, xo


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