Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 10: The Secret Is The Law Of Attraction

Today's been pretty chilled out for me as its that time of the month so i'm trying not to use up too much energy because i might end up getting cranky. I got a teddy bear today courtesy of JieJie so it would be getting lots of hugs and cuddles tonight as it's getting pretty cold. To me, autumn officially started today because the leaves are finally falling off the trees. How hot is that. I think the colder months are the best times for romance to bloom as you don't have to worry about the heat and you have more reasons to cuddle. I like to think i've been a good girl today as i ignored all the temptations surrounding me in the form of chocolate coated donuts by imagining myself looking like Dita Von Teese whilst parading in my soon-to-be purchased lingerie from Figleaves. Here's what i've had today;

Breakfast: Large soy mocha and a toasted avocado, chicken & cheese sandwich.
Dinner: Same as last night; cous cous and moroccan curry & hot cocoa
PM drink: peppermint tea with a spoon of sugar. I actually haven't had this yet but i'm planning on working out to Cardio Jam workout later tonight for about 30 minutes so i'll probably unwind with a hot cup of peppermint tea before hitting the sheets.

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  1. you have a strong will to keep yourself on a diet :) i also do the same frequently untill i eat smth bad :) like chocolate cake or so. how long does it take for to keep on this regime?

  2. Hiya. Hmm, staying on a diet has been pretty tough so far and the first week was the worst. But now i try to keep pictures of how i want to look everywhere - on my table, laptop and wallet. I'm a size 16 at the moment and i want to be a 10 so i'm thinking maybe 6 months. I'm going to weigh myself every 6 weeks and see how i go.


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