Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 7: I Am Irked!

Whilst having dinner, i watched Bolt again and i have to say i absolutely love the Hamster and the pigeons, i think they make the movie more enjoyable. Today's been a pretty walkaholic day and i resisted temptation to walk to Woolies and get something laden with high amounts of sugar like McVities digestive chocolate or the soy chocolate spread. It seems to be that the minute my thoughts drift from my assignments and forthcoming exams, the cravings just hit me like hell wound up. It's weird that not only am i motivated by skinny people, but i'm also motivated by people that are bigger than i am. I saw a man today, so large that he reminded me of those jelly-looking things from Ghost Busters. You know, the big blubber ones because with every step he took, his stomach seemed to move in varying directions at the same time. But going to Jeans West with a couple of friends also made me want to lose weight because they were all trying on jeans and i've pretty much ban myself from buying any item of clothing until i've gone down at least a dress size.

But with cravings kissing me all over and assignments due with exams looming in the air, it is becoming a catastrophy; or as Bolt would say...rodonculus [ridiculus]. So i'm constantly fighting temptations on a daily basis. Tomorrow, i've got to pop into town to change some of my details at the bank and this could lead to another brush up at Woolies. I'm unaware as to if this is a good sign or a bad sign. Anne Hartley in her book [Love the life you live] said that temptations help you build up to who you want to be. So lets say you want to be a determined person; then you'll have constant temptations that will give you the chance to either affirm your determination or show that you're not ready. Hmmmmm, here's what i ate today:

Breakfast: Oats made with soy milk and two slices of toast.
Lunch: Rice and nandos moroccan curry
Dinner: Pasta in tuna, fried egg and tomato sauce
Exercise: 30 minutes of Jordan dvd workout and 1.10 hours walking

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