Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 3: I Feel Like An Ogre!

In times like these, playing dress up in your wardrobe and with makeup is meant to make you feel better and have a positive face to put on. But this isn't the case for me. My current wardrobe makes me feel like an ogre; fat, frumpy and ugly. My foundation has either oxidised or my skin has changed colour because it no longer matches my skintone so i've had to chuck it in the bin and stick to the one that i actually hate wearing - it's meant to be used only during emergency situations. I'm finding it difficult to find comfort and solace and being broke doesn't help matters neither does winging about it. So what shall i do about it? I guess the only idea that's worthwhile is to bury my face in books to distract myself and pass away the time. All i want are cuddles, kisses, hugs, teddies and a hot cup of milo twice a day to cheer me up...least i forget, a greast amount of moolah in my bank account. I resisted temptation to eat shit today, mainly because i spent most of my day sleeping. Here's what i ate:

Breakfast: 1 slice of french toast [bread soaked in egg and fried]
Lunch: 4 ice cubes [chewed] and a large cup of peppermint tea - don't even ask!
Dinner: Fried rice with tuna, capsicum and lettuce
after dinner treat: Large cup of hot cocoa [1 spoon cocoa+sugar, 250ml soy milk]

I hope you guys had a much better day than i did.

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