Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 11:Miss Blah!

Lately, i've been dressing up in a bland manner and consistently wearing yawn inducing outfits. I have excuses though: it's mainly because i'm currently on a shopping ban and also i'm in-between dress sizes. being in-between sizes is a good and bad thing; good because it means i'm slowly shrinking [finally!!!] and bad because it means some of my clothes can no longer be worn because i look like a complete idiot. I've even had to abandon my lovely black Simon Perele lace bra because my tits no longer fill up the cup. Being ban from shopping also means that i can save up some money to actually refurbish my wardrobe before next semester rolls in because i'm pretty sure there's a limit to how long i can wear jeans that can fit an extra set of hands in the bum area. Plus my belt has reached the last hole so it's either i get a new one soon or punch in an extra hole to keep my jeans from falling off.

I haven't seen myself in a full-length mirror in a while now so i got a shocker today when i saw myself and actually realised that i'm slowly shrinking into a beautiful cashmere cocoon of succulence and lusciousness. Incase you were expecting me to weigh myself weekly, i actually won't be doing this till the end of June as that's when i had my goal for and it also means that i don't get obsessive about the numbers on the scale and become a raving lunatic. So here's what i ate today:

Breakfast: Oats made with soy milk
Dinner: 2 six-inch Spicy pancakes and syrup [i added canyenne pepper and onions to the pancakes to give it some zing and it wasn't bad]

I've just realised that i hardly drink any water so i'm off to make myself a cup of peppermint tea and from tomorrow, i'm going to try and have a glass of water first thing when i wake up and also before each meal.

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  1. drinking tee, especially herbal one, warm water (not sparkling) is very-very important! you know why? well, sometimes when i think i'm hungry - i drink half liter of water and i can live couple of hours more :) and then i eat :) also when i'm on a diet i always drink glass of warm water with honey (table spoon) and several lemon juice drops (usual lemon) 30 minutes before breakfast :) for me it has a great effect, hope you'll also like it!

  2. Hi Anna, i'm gonna have to try this warm water one. I'm consistently drinking peppermint and ginger tea because i hate the taste of water - or rather the fact that it doesn't have any taste to it. Thanks for the tips :)


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