Monday, May 18, 2009

Goop And The Hall Of Shame Game!

I love house renovations! I love the before and after shots and the difference that it makes in the lives of the owners. I love that toe-curling feeling of seeing something that was once old and dingy look brand new and sparkly, i call it visual orgasm! I've been wanting to do the same thing with my life because after i got sick, everything pretty much went downhill from that and i also gained a whopping 30kg as a side effect from being ill. Having hormone inbalance is one thing, having higher levels of testosterone than the average female and being insulin resistant means that i can gain weight from literarily anything because the excess testosterone in my system gets stored as fat.

Don't ask me how it works because i told my doctor to shut up half way through the conversation and just tell me my options. Option 1: get insulin shots weekly to balance my insulin resistance - tried it and it didn't do jack. Option 2: go through a series of medications including diannette that helps control the testosterone levels so i can loose weight - haven't tried this because i've been on a waiting list for over 3 months and they still haven't found a suitable option to go with my blood content. Plus, i'm a bit too young to start a medication that takes at least 3 years before the effects are visible to the human eye. Seriously, apart from the tablets being freaking expensive, i can't begin to imagine myself popping pills 3 times a day for at least 3 years! Option 3: take the natural approach and try hypnotherapy, acupuncture and living mainly on organic produce. This is the option i've decided to try for now to see how it goes. The first hypnotherapy session i went to, i actually fell asleep so i'm gonna try and see a different practitioner and hopefully that would work. I still haven't gotten round to actually getting acupuncture as i'm a bit squimish about needles after having to get shots on my arm every week to balance out my insulin levels. As for the organic food, the only step i've taken is drinking organic milk.

This is where Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop and 'The Hall of Shame' game comes into place. Yesterday i talked about the lifestyle change method that was featured on Gwyneth's Goop and i actually slept for 8 hours last night and for the whole day today, i felt really refreshed and energised so i'm going to continue with it and see how i go for the next two weeks. I'm trying not to make too many big changes at once as it'll be a shock to my system and i might not be able to cope with all of them at the same time.

I've enlisted the help of my friend, JieJie, to join me in the 'hall of shame' game and believe me, it is exactly as the name states. My mum always believes that if you're not ashamed of something, it wouldn't give you the drive to change anything. In the 'hall of shame' game, the idea is to keep a food diary of every single thing you consume each day. So for example, 3 glasses of water, 4 cans of coke, a 400g pack of chocolate biscuits, a large bowl of chinese style fried rice with chicken and eggs....etc. You get the point...and NO, i didn't consume any of those things. From tomorrow, JieJie and I would keep a strict diary of everything we eat so that we can control the amount of crap that goes into our mouths. I'll also be blogging these and also blogging about my feelings during this process and how i'm adjusting to the change. Tomorrow, i'll blog by start weight and track my weightloss progress each week.

For the next two weeks, i don't plan on going on any kind of restrictive diet, and to be honest, i don't believe in them either. I just believe in making a conscious change as opposed to banning myself from something because it's only when i decide to do that that i actually crave that thing more. I'm going to follow the Goop method of actually making changes to your life style as for me, this is a lifestyle change as opposed to some strict regime. I've always had goals of what i wanted and this year, i decided that i was going to give myself a makeover which i'm slowly going to do. Because as we all know, there's no hurry in life and too much of a good thing in a short space of time is actually bad. Here are the goals that i've had since Febuary and hope to achieve:

I would like to be able to wear a bikini on the beach in November 2009. I would also like to be at least a size 12 by the time the Australian summer comes round [November - Febuary]. By the 30th of June, 2009, i would like to be 6kg lighter. I would like to weigh 58kg by May 12, 2010 God willing [that's my birthday and i weighed 58kg just before i fell ill so it would be great to get back to the old me].

Right now, it's past 10pm and i'm obviously not in bed yet as i'm still typing this post. But, i'll be waking up a bit late so that i can actually manage to get 8 hours of sleep before heading off to uni. So, if you'd like to keep up with me on my weightloss journey, you'll be able to find it under the label WEIGHTLOSS DIARY. So tune in tomorrow for more on lifestyle changes. By the way, did i mention how much i admire Monica Bellucci and her body? I'm not a lesbo but i'll certainly cross to the other side for one night with her! You hurrd me right. She's not overtly sexy or trying too hard [Heidi Montag needs to learn some lessons from her]. She's feminine, sensual and knows all the buttons to push to get your hearts racing. Plus, her body is the ideal shape and aspiring to have a body that looks like that would work perfectly for me as she isn't muscular [which i hate] and everything is in proportion [something i can definately say with my body].

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