Friday, May 22, 2009

My Ideal Partner

If someone asked me to describe my ideal life partner by picking someone who's alive today, my choice would definately have to be KEVIN McCLOUD. Some of you might find him ok-ish or ugly but i think he's absolutely hot and sexy; he can toast my bread anytime that's for sure ;). He embodies everything i love and dream of in my ideal partner. He's an architect, a bit of a geek and a huge movie fan, is a Brit, slightly whimsical and cocky, speaks fluent french and has an absolute fascination with houses and is always willing to learn something new in relation to architecture. He's the host and narrator of the British TV show Grand Designs and i've seen most of the series and also the very first one so i'm definately aware of his physical changes between 1999 and the present. I have to say he does come across like fine wine; they get better with age and so does he. But most of all, he is older than i am and i have a thing for guys who are about 10 years my senior. He also seems to know how to take care of himself and dress - no 5am shadow on his face as far as i'm aware.
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