Saturday, May 23, 2009

Days 4 And 5: Trying To Practice Discipline

Hey guys, how y'all feeling? I felt there was no need to dedicate one post to what i ate on Day 4 as it was pretty much the same thing: toast. So i decided i'd combine the post with everything from Day 5. So here we go.

Day 4:-
Breakfast: Two slices of toast and one fried egg
Lunch: Two slices of toast and a can of tuna
Dinner: Two slices of toast with diary-free chocolate spread.

Day 5:-
Breakfast: Two large pieces of pancake with diary-free chocolate spread
Lunch: I large cup of milo without milk or sugar
Dinner: Leftovers from the fried rice i made and 1 large cup of milo with soy.

Right now, what I really really want to do is devour a whole packet of McVities milk chocolate digestive biscuit which is about 400g with the fat content equivalent to the allocation allowed for a male to consume in a day. I believe it has over 70g of fat. I'm trying pretty hard not to fall into temptation and take a trip to Wollies during the day. So now i have a picture on my screen of Jessica Biel's flat stomach in a bikini on the beach. This is my motivation to practice discipline and curb my cravings for the devil's food. I'm off to make a cup of peppermint tea, the heat should be able to distract me.

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  1. hey! how are you? I just wanted to let you know that I have added your site to my blog roll on VB Style!

  2. Hey, i'm doing good thanks; and thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)


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