Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 2: Foul Mood and Withdrawal Symptoms

So, this is the 2nd day so far in 'the hall of shame' and i have to say it hasn't really been a good day food and mood wise. I did a marathon up the gigantic hill on my street this morning to catch the bus, thought it had left so started the 40 minute walk to uni only for the bus to pass by later; meaning the bus was actually late. But this misunderstanding led me to save $1.90. You might think that's not a lot but in this recession and with me being broke and all, this is quite good. It's so bad that i couldn't even afford to buy coffee or something else to eat after i had eaten my sandwich. I guess JieJie and I didn't make it easier on ourselves by going to the mall....such a stupid decision that would not be repeated again.

I craved every single thing my eyes could see and my nose could smell. Pancakes, fries, burger, Gloria Jeans coffee, Rush coffee, fried rice; you name it and i wanted it. Of course, i can't really afford to make any idiosyncratic purchases now so i swallowed my cravings whilst we both fell into depression. I even fell in deeper whilst waiting for the bus as the lady next to me was eating warm pastry covered in melted cheese.....i was seriously salivating and waiting for the freaking bus to arrive! But oh no, it took 20 minutes before it came to my rescue and after getting on it, i actually regretted its arrival as the driver was mental and drove as if he was high on something. One tyre was on the curb so we had this massive bump that i felt ripple through my body and through the bottom of my stomach. Here's what i ate today:

Breakfast: One slice of toast with diary-free spread/butter
Lunch: Tuna sandwich
Dinner: Indomie noodles garnished with sardines and 1 poached egg.
Snack: Half a banana and 1 large cup of peppermint tea.

As i type this, i'm craving coffee so bad that i think i might just end up making myself a cuppa and putting myself out of my own demise. I was meant to make something revolving around capsicum today but since i'm so tired, it has been postponed till tomorrow as i'm going to be home all day studying.

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