Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 13: Spanish Eyes

After the mini vent-off i had earlier this morning, i decided to listen to music all day and the only song i've had on repeat so far is Backstreet Boy's version of Spanish Eyes and i've been listening to music since 9am this morning. That just goes to show how many songs i have on my laptop and i haven't even gone half way. I've got songs equivalent to almost 3 days and with the way things are going, i'll probably pick off tomorrow where i stop today. I'm currently listening to Chayanne's Desde Siempre album. Even though the whole album is in spanish [i think], there's something very calming and soothing about his songs and his voice. I purchased his album last year because i fell in love with his voice when he sang a duet with Vanessa Williams for their movie, Dance With Me.

My laptop fell on the floor today because i was in a rush to get my clothes off the line as the rain automatically started pouring like someone was forcing it. For a few seconds my heart stopped beating because i thought my laptop had broken and stopped working but fortunately, i was able to put the pieces that fell off back together and hopefully it'll work perfectly from now onwards. It might seem strange that i'm emotionally attached to my laptop but it happens to be one of the lovers in my life; the other is my first mobile phone ever - Sony Ericsson T10. I loved that phone more than i ever felt for any of the guys i've had a crush on. Stupid i know, but that's the story of my emotions.
In lieu of trying to release my stress and frustrations in a healthy manner, i decided to try and do cardio pilates today. That thing is bloody difficult!!! I only survived the first 10 minutes before i switched to doing one of my workout dvds for 30 minutes. I've been to a pilates class twice and it was really difficult for me because i'm not flexible and the lady kept telling us to focus on our powerhouse [core]. Cardio on its own can also be challenging so i have no idea who came up with the idea of combining cardio and pilates together. That person needs to be horse-whipped. Now i'm scared to attempt yogalates because i really don't know how i'd fare with it.
Today i just had to give into the temptation to eat something with chocolate as i was really stressed up and upset; what a waste of my slice of toast!! I had this nutella pack that i bought ages ago in my previous house and i hid it in my new boots so that i wouldn't be tempted to eat it. But today i dug it out and spread it on my slice of toast. After taking a bite of it, i realised it was a mistake because it tasted like grease and sugar mixed together and i ended up chucking my toast in the bin because i couldn't stomach it. I guess i've withdrawn from nutella or any other form of extremely high sugary stuff which is great for me. It was almost as if Dita Von Teese was speaking to me through my computer screen not to eat that shit; my mouth and taste buds obviously heard her. Here's what i ate today:
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast and oats with soy milk.
Lunch: A bite of my toast with nutella spread on it.
Dinner: Rice and moroccan curry sauce with potatoes and chicken.
Exercise: 30 minutes workout dvd and 10 minutes cardio pilates.
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