Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emotions In A Heartbeat

I've always been a big sucker for dreams and my parents always encouraged me to dream big because you're only limited by your imaginations. I guess you could say they're my role model in that aspect as they keep finding different ways to live the dreams they had when they were kids and they keep dreaming big even at the ages of 47 and 53. When i dream, it's pretty vivid and with in-depth detail. I'm talking your 50-inch plasma screen with high definition picture and dolby surround speaker system. The kind that when you actually wake up, you can feel the effects of the dream even though you know it didn't happen. One of the most vivid dreams i've had was a passionate kiss i shared with a guy i had a crush on; when i woke up, it felt like i'd spent the night kissing the shindig outta someone.

But dreams is something that most adults tend to leave on the roadside as they grow up. Why is it that as a kid, you have no inhibitions as to the magnitude of your dreams, but when you get a bit older....you start conjuring barriers such as 'it's such a childish dream'. You're only as childish as your mentality and i believe dreams are a way of keeping you on track towards your aspirations because when you have a vivid dream about something you want, the excitement increases the momentum on the steps you can take towards that goal. Time is inconsequential as to the process because as we all know, everything in life is a matter of time. And nothing goes faster than you, it goes just as fast as you can handle and the phrase "there's a time for everything" fits in perfectly with this.

I always try to think of something that i can do to make myself really happy and it always comes down to 4 things: family, friends, good music and dancing. People who've known me from 2004 onwards probably wouldn't know this but i have a knack for 'seductive dancing' as my friend Fuzzy always calls it. I always used to dance to Kevin Little's 'Turn Me On' in our room whilst dressed only in bra and panties and covered in L'Occitane shimmering rose body lotion and a heady perfume oil of musk. I love dances that are raunchy, sensuous and involve body contact so it's no surprise that my most favourite dance movies are 'Dance With Me and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights'. I'm a sucker for latin music as you can feel the soul in the songs just from listening to the melodies and this usually translates into a great dance experience. I haven't had a heartfelt dance since i fell ill but i've just finished watching 'Dance With Me' and not only did it bring back fond memories, it made my heart flutter.

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