Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When Lil Wayne says that safe sex is great sex, you bet your arse it is. Yup, i’ve listened to the Lollipop remix like a gazillion times already and i just cannot get over how smooth his lyrics are. They’re so tight!!! Kanye West even manages to put his overblown ego aside to add something interesting to the mix...’breast is just like Dolly Parton, like Doritos that’s Nachos cheese, fritos, a flow so cold chicken soup won’t help...’ Dude is balling and i have to say he does shine alongside Lil Wayne. Only Kanye manages to make retarded shit sound good. Whilst his wrist froze, Lil Wayne’s blinded!!! Lil Wayne manages to preach about safe sex talking about ‘wear that latex...and safe sex is great sex’ It doesn’t get any better than that so if you haven’t been latexing it, now’s the time to begin. Ahoy mes amis...

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